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What Is He Hiding?

Donald Trump could have funneled $2.3M in undeclared income through the Trump Foundation

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Donald Trump Might Not Want You To Know He's In Debt To Russian Oligarchs

Trump denies it but won't prove it

Donald Trump Might Not Be Paying What He's Legally Obligated To.

If he doesn't, then his tax returns would be of great interest to the media and the voters. Unfortunately, you need the tax returns in order to find that out.

Donald Trump Might Be Taking Advantage of Existing Loopholes for the Very Rich

The optics of this would be terrible, and would confirm for anyone who was waffling that he is an oligarch.

Donald Trump Might Be Overstating His Wealth

He already has a reputation for lying, but his net worth goes to the core of his personality. His identity as a "Billionaire", a "Three Comma Club" member, might be a sham.

Donald Trump Might Be Making Money From Places He Shouldn't

Possible substantiation of links to the Mafia

Donald Trump Might Not Be A New Yorker

He may be spending so much time in Florida so he doesn't have to pay New York taxes.

Donald Trump Might Be Violating Fraud Laws In His Charities

Possible substantiation of rumors that his charities violate fraud laws

Donald Trump Can Release His Tax Returns

Nothing prevents Trump from releasing his tax returns.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said Friday it would be "rare" for an individual taxpayer to be audited as frequently as Trump says he has been.

Donald Trump Is The First Candidate In 30 Years To Refuse

Most candidates release their tax returns. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have both released over a decade of their tax returns. Jeb Bush released his returns from 1981 to 2014. You have to go back to Gerald Ford to find someone who didn't release their tax returns.

But even then, Ford didn't promise to release his returns. On the other hand, Donald Trump said:

"If I decide to run for office, I'll produce my tax returns, absolutely."

America Wants Them

2/3rds of Americans- and 2/3rds of Republicans- think candidates should disclose their tax returns. America overwhelmingly believes that a candidate asking for their trust needs to be willing

Why Do You Think Donald Trump Hasn't Released His Tax Returns?

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